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There is also new kittens on our sister site, Ruby has Cream and white boys available 


Our first kittens of the year have arrived, Frederica blessed us with 4 gorgeous kittens.
We have 2 tabby girls
1 tabby boy
1 spotty boy

None of these kittens are available I'm afraid.



Well we are busy here preparing for this years kitten season, we have a new cattery coming for the garden and the kitten room is having a revamp ready for the new arrivals.  It's always exciting clearing out and restocking everything so we are fully prepared for the busy year ahead.

We've had another new arrival, Frederica has joined us here from Sargenta we are forever grateful to Ursula for entrusting her to us.  Freddy is a lovely big black silver tabby who will give us some lovely kittens this year.

Ruby will be mated in the coming weeks and we are super excited about our first red variety kittens here at Tigatails.

watch this space for more updates soon.


Online now


Now that Molly has returned to us we will have a litter of silver spotted and tabbies in the Autumn time,  due to people we already have waiting we are not currently taking any more enquiries for this litter.


We would like to thank all of our followers and friends and new kitten owners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Well its been a busy few months all of the last kittens for this year have now left for their new homes.  We will now be having a break to concentrate on family life and home renovations.  We are also having a change within our breeding cats, many who keep up to date with our cats and kittens will already know that all of our silver girls from this year have now retired from breeding.  This makes way for new silver breeding plans for next year, also our lovely boy Arthur has also retired from breeding but we have his son Chocolicious who will follow in his paw prints to be the new stud cat here at Tigatails.  Some may think we are crazy to neuter such a gorgeous boy but it comes down to genetics (I won't bore you with the details) also Arthur hated the solitary life they have to live as stud cats so it seemed only right to let him have the pet life he deserves.
Arthur now lives with Alan and Teresa and I know he is already settling in really well. He will still be shown so we will still get to see him out and about.

Also we are excited to announce we finally have our first red self girl Ruby, we have waited a long time to get her but she was definitely worth the wait.  Ruby will not be incorporated into our silver breeding she will only be bred with reds, red and white bicolours or creams and cream and white bicolours. A new and exciting road for us, we will be expecting our first litter around the Summer 2018.
A new website for our reds will be launched very soon.


Well what a busy month we have had!!  Tabitha and Suzie's kittens are now all running around and playing like crazy everyday!!  All very happy healthy kittens, we couldn't ask for more. 

We have been very blessed with these 2 litters, all kittens have great personalities and are really developing their own characters now. First vaccinations are booked for 2wks times, I can't believe it's almost that time already. 

We have one kitten left available to reserve, her name is Black Forest and she's a black smoke. I cannot currently upload photos but if you take a look at our Instagram or Facebook page you will find current photos of her.  Please email for more information if you think she may be your forever kitten. 

Arthur has had a great month on the show bench winning everything he possibly could! He now only needs one more Imperial certificate to claim the title, we are extremely proud of him he truly is a magnificent example of a black silver tabby. 

Tabitha and Suzie are both being amazing mums and are enjoying the job of shared motherhood, it's so lovely to sit and watch them taking care of them so well. 

Next kittens will be later in the Summer, all going well this litter will be due to leave November time. 


An early update due to us going away soon, an exciting update though as lots has happened already this month!

Tabitha has given birth to 6 gorgeous silver tabbies 3 boys and 3 girls!
none of these kittens are available i'm afraid.

Suzie has given birth to 7 gorgeous kittens we have 4 boys and 3 girls.

Available we have
2 blue silver tabby boys
1 blue boy
1 black girl
1 black smoke girl
1 silver spotted boy

Please email me if you are interested in any of these kittens or for more information.

Arthur has done it again!  we attended the Suffolk & Norfolk show last weekend and Arthur won his 3rd Imperial Certificate, Best of Breed, Best British Adult and went on to get Overall Best British!!  An amazing result against huge competition, we are extremely proud.


May is here and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of new babies!  Tabitha and Suzie are due in the coming weeks and both girls are already huge!!

Arthur had another amazing show winning his first 2 Imperial Certificates and going on to win Best British Adult in both shows!!

We would also like to congratulate Teresa and Alan on Donald and Daisy's  win's at the same show and Donald winning Best British Neuter!!
Thank you for flying the Tigatails Flag.

We have a new arrival her name is Evavale Clarice-Cliffe she is our first non-silver girl and we are hoping for some nice red silvers and a variety of other colours from her.  Clarice will be mated to Arthur at the end of the Summer along with Lulu for Winter babies.

Junes update will be week late due to us being away but I will update as soon as I am back.

Clarice aged 8mths


Well March has been a great month! Our gorgeous boy Arthur successfully gained his 3 Grand Certificates and is now officially Grand Champion.
We are so proud of him and would like to thank everyone for their kind words on our Facebook page and Instagram.
To top it off he's actually got Tabitha pregnant!!  We were all shocked at this news but really pleased. It must have been the threat of losing his 2 closest furry bits lol!
Arthur will not be neutered now hopefully he can carry on mating the girls.

Bacardi is loving life right now, eating, sleeping and oh eating some more!  She doesn't stop now so no more treats for her.

Tabitha our mum to be is also eating like a horse but that is to be expected, she can have has much raw food as she likes to give her kittens the best start in life.

Suzie is back with us from the Jorjeez Cattery and to our surprise is pregnant!  She was there living with Tica Champion Admirari Cat-King Coal and he obviously managed to hit the spot!
So much for no kittens this year!

This will be our first mixed litter we could expect
Blue silvers

Tica Champion Admirari Cat-King Coal

We are busy doing our garden this year so the cats have plenty to keep them occupied watching us.  We were meant to be taking a year out from breeding but the unexpected surprise from Arthur is more then welcome and the news about Suzie as well has just topped it off!  I have to admit I already miss having kittens around so I cannot wait for these new arrivals!!!

Sorry for the delay in this months update as always it's been really busy! 

All extremely quiet here and I must say I'm already missing having babies around.
Arthur has been out on the show bench and did us proud gaining his first 2 Grand Certificates and coming 1st in all his side classes. Daisy was also out and she had a brilliant day winning best adult neuter!  Donald and Daisy have both been out again since and have both been extremely successful, we thank Alan and Teresa so much for taking such great care of them and showing them so well. 
Bacardi is enjoying quiet time and playing with her daughter Lulu, it's so lovely to watch. 

Hopefully we will have more to update next month. 

Pictured above Arthur winning at the Southern British show
Well January went quicker then expected thank god!  Still trying to recover from Christmas. 

Well all kittens have now left so it's very quiet, we've kept Lulu Lollypop as a potential future breeding queen so we still have tiny paws running around!

 Freckles who we were running on we decided to let her go to a lovely pet home with Claire, she's already settled in so well we are really pleased. 
Bacardi has now been spayed and starts her retirement, Bacardi will stay here with us keeping an eye on her daughter Lulu ☺. 
Suzie is also back now and it's like she never went away, she's happy as can be and is living happily with Bacardi and Lulu. 
The decision has now been made to neuter Arthur in the Spring so we will not have our own stud boy, we have close breeder friends who have lovely boys that we can use. It's been a tough decision but it's been agreed with his breeder it's the right thing to do. 
We are still planning on taking the year out so currently have no planned litters, if Arthur had worked then we were hoping to have maybe 1 litter but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. 
Going forward it will be a quiet few months and now we have scaled down having only 3 queens and one only being a baby we will have an extremely small numbers of kittens in the future.  

We shall still attend some shows so if anyone fancies a visit do say hello. 


Happy New Year!! 

Apologies for the delay in the update it's been a busy couple of weeks and I'm only just catching up with things.
It's all quiet on the cat front really, Bacardi's kittens are already coming up for 9wks old so are off for their first vaccinations on Friday. Time has really flown with this litter I think it's due to the Christmas period taking over. 
All kittens are doing really well and are a great size, eating like baby horses! 
As soon as we are more settled into our new home I'll be able to upload photos. 

Unfortunately we didn't make it to the December show due to illness but we are hoping to get out to a show in the coming months. 

Arthur is filling out nicely and we all have our fingers crossed for kittens from him this year!! 

Tabitha is filing out nicely also and has a great winter coat, she's currently living with her daughter Freckles who we are running to potentially breed from at the end of the year. 

Suzie is due back in a few days after her little holiday away at the Jorjeez Cattery, we've missed her so much and can't wait to pick her up. She will be back on the queen page as soon as I can upload some photos of her. 

Well that's all for now, we're not expecting anymore kittens for a while so after these leave it will be very quiet here for a few months!  
I'll continue to update every month, who knows something may change. 


 December already, I don't know what happened to November! So much has happened. 

On the 4th November Bacardi gave birth to 5 beautiful baby girls 🎀 Mum and kittens are all doing well. 
This is Bacardi's last litter so they are very special to me, they are "The Sweetie Bunch" 
Tigatails Lulu Lollypop 
Bonnie Bonbon 
Tutti Frutti 
Coconut ice 
All of these kittens are already reserved. 

Tabithas kittens have now all left for their new homes and we have already had updates on them all and they have settled well.
Tabitha is enjoying a nice rest now until the new year when she will return to the show bench. 

We have a new lady on the block Tigatails Venetian Lace aka Freckles, one of Tabithas kittens is staying with us to be a potential breeding queen in the next year or so for us. Freckles has her first kitten show in a few weeks time. 

Lily left for her new home and has already settled well with Emma and her partner and their cat Tigs and their dog. It's great to see Lily in a lovely pet home being spoilt rotten  
Ebony also left last weekend for her new home as a retired breeding queen, she is now living with Alan & Teresa and I know she will be spoilt rotton. Alan & Teresa already have 2 Tigatails cats and Ebony is mum to one of them so it's really lovely that they have her. I look forward to hearing how she settles. 

Tigatails Obie-wan Kenobi attended his first kitten show in Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago and did really well
coming 1st in the silver tabby kitten class, he will be out again in December so it will
be lovely to see him as we will be at the same show. 

2nd December we have a pet photographer coming round to take photos of all our cats, I'm really looking forward to this. Bacardi's kittens are 4wks now so a lovely age to capture them with mum as a lovely keepsake of her being a great mum before she retires from breeding. 

17th December Arthur and Freckles will be out at the Maidstone & Medway Cat show in Bracknell updates of how they do will be here on the 1st January. 

Have a lovely Christmas from all at Tigatails 


Well another month has flown by and so much has happened! 

We've had lovely kitten owners come to visit their new babies this month, I feel really happy that all of our kittens have lovely new homes awaiting them. One of the girls has gone to a good breeder friend of ours so we wish her and them good luck for the future with showing and breeding. 

Tabitha's kittens have had both vet trips to have their vaccinations done and microchip, all are fit and healthy and great weights! 
These kittens will all start to leave from this weekend off to their new homes, Tabitha can now enjoy a nice break from motherhood. 

Lily was spayed earlier this month and leaves us in the next couple of weeks for her new pet home. Lily is such a gorgeous girl with an amazing temperament her new family cannot wait to collect her. 

Our lovely girl Suzie (Tigatails Mistletoe Kisses) who is staying at the Jorjeez Cattery has settled well and is loving life there with a gorgeous black boy called Coal. 

It was the Supreme cat show last weekend and it was lovely to hear that Imperial Grand Premier Tigatails Silver Donald was there doing us proud gaining his first UK certificate. Also Champion Tigatails Daisy- Angelina was out with him gaining her first PC, well done to them both. 

I had a lovely day at the Kentish Cat Show in Maidstone stewarding for Lesley Miles (Tufton Cats)  always a pleasure! we get to cuddle all the gorgeous cats out on the show bench.  Our very own Tigatails Ghost Whisperer attended this show gaining his 3rd PC now giving him his Premier title  Well Done Ghost! 

Our lovely girl Ebony was spayed yesterday and is getting ready to leave us for her lovely pet home as a retired breeding queen. We will miss her very much, she's a lovely natured cat who has produced us some beautiful kittens over the last 3yrs. 
She has a special home lined up and we are so pleased with where she is going to live. 

Bacardi is due early this month she is huge!!  Fingers crossed all kittens arrive safely and Bacardi is well. Any kittens from this litter do already have potential homes lined up so we are not taking any enquiries for these.  

As you may have seen we are taking a year out of breeding and we have spayed some of our girls. Going forward we will just have 2 breeding queens for the future. 
Bacardi's litter is the last kittens now for the next year. 

Well September has flown by!  We have moved house so it's been very busy moving with all of the cats and kittens, all have settled really well thank fully and are now enjoying their new home. 
Tabitha has her lovely 5 kittens which are now 8wks old, that has gone so quick!  First vaccinations are booked for Friday so they will have their first trip out to the vets. 

We are still waiting for our gorgeous Arthur to become a daddy but he's trying hard bless him and having lots of practice! 

Bacardi is expecting so we are very excited to see what bundles of fur she brings us. We will update on these in the next month or so. This will be our last litter of kittens until the end of 2017 as we are taking some time out from breeding. 

Ebony is enjoying her freedom and break from motherhood since her kittens left, she is enjoying spending time alone sleeping and eating and occasionally playing with Tabithas kittens which is so lovely to see.  

Suzie is off for a short holiday to the Jorjeez Cattery to spend sometime with their new boy, we will miss her but we know she will be well looked after and I'm sure will enjoy herself there!  


From the 1st October we will updating the website on the 1st of every month, this update will include all the news from Tigatails HQ. Updates will include, kitten news, available kittens, pending litters and planned matings. Also show updates and retiring adults looking for a new lap to sit on. 
We will no longer have a waiting list for kittens, all available kittens will be listed when we have them and then enquiries taken.  

We took our beautiful spotty baby Tigatails Mistletoe Kisses to the East Sussex show on 25th June, at only just 6 months old Suzie did us proud coming 1st in her breed class, getting Best of Breed and a 1st and 2nd in her side classes.
Also, well done to Tigatails Ghost Whisperer who gained his 2nd PC and had a red card day!


Saturday 19th December 
Maidstone and Medway Cat Show

Tigatails  Precious Belle attended her first kitten show, she took a while to settle down but enjoyed cuddles with everyone.  Belle came first in her open class we are very proud.



Tigatails Daisy-Angelina Wins at The Supreme!!

An amazing day for Daisy and her owners Alan & Teresa who I know are extremely proud!   Heres to a bright show future! 

Updated 20/10/15
 We attended the Kentish Show in Maidstone at the weekend taking 3 cats with us, our gorgeous girl Didi and 2 of our new babies - what a fantastic day it was!!
Our new stud boy, Arthur, went above and beyond all of our expectations when he was awarded Best of Vareity British Kitten! Competition was tough, there were a whopping 23 kittens at the show! It was his first ever show and he also had a Red Card Day!
Didi did so well in her first adult show and was awarded her first CC and Best of Breed. She also placed well in her side classes.
It was our new baby Tabitha's first show as well, she took the whole day in her stride. She was awarded first in her breed class and also placed well in her sides, we are so proud of them all!
Updated 10/10/2015

It's the end of kitten season and all kittens have now gone to their new homes, our girls will have a nice rest now and some will take out to the show bench.

Saturday 7th March 2015
Southern British Shorthair Cat Club Show
Today Vinnie attended the Show unfortunately he didn't get the Grand we were after but he did win Best Of Breed and 2 x 1st and a 2nd in his side classes.
Well done Boy!
Orphelia gained her 2nd Grand Certificate today!! So very proud of her, very well behaved as well.  Must have been because her mum was by her side today.
The star of this show must be Annelis, her first show for 2yrs and she did everyone proud!! She had a red card day and then topped it off by getting Best in Show British Neuter!!
Donald does it again!!
Herts & Middlesex Cat Club Donald gained another Grand certificate, well done to you all!!
Thank you for the gorgeous pictures
Show news!!

Saturday 14th February Tigatails gets its first Grand Premier!!
Grand Premier Tigatails Silver Donald
Well done to Alan & Teresa and the lovely Donald, He looked lovely at the show and I was lucky enough to have some kisses and cuddles with him.

Premier Tigatails Duchess Orphelia was also at the show gaining her first Grand certificate and the reserve Grand, Well done!
She's not keen on shows but always manages to do well


Saturday 22nd November 2014

Premier Tigatails Silver Donald attended the Supreme show in Birmingham coming 1st in his class and winning Best of Breed, Well Done!!! His first Grand,  Alan and Teresa you must be so proud


Saturday 18th October 2014

Today we attended the The Kentish Cat Show in Maidstone with our boy Vinnie, Vinnie was in his first Grand class.  He was very well behaved and got the reserve Grand, he also did really well in his side classes.

Tigatails Duchess Orphelia was also at the show, she came first in all of her classes and won Best of Breed!!  a first red card day for her Well Done!! and very well deserved.

Orphelia now has her Premier Title