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Our cats and kittens in their new homes

Aliyah aka Lyla and Pixel looking very relaxed and happy in their new home.

Thankyou Nikki and Colin

Tigatails Bruce-lee being judged at his first show, winning Best in Show British kitten

Lyla and Pixel stunning silver tabbies


Here are some pictures of the georgeous Freddy over a year old already, looking good Fred!

Thankyou Jo for the pictures


Aliyah and Pixel enjoying there new home

                     Pixel looks like shes really settled!


This is our lovely Bernie who we had to hand feed from day one, she was almost all silver with no pattern and was a real fluff ball.  She surprised us all when she pulled through and developed into a beautiful Silver tabby with amazing pattern and coat.

She has now gone to her new home to live with Ms Nair and her other kitten Bobby. Her pet name is now Tiggy and shes proving already to be the boss of the house!



cuddles with my babies


             Look at that face

Brighton Boy 5wks old







Lovely Bubba and Bumble in their new home with Carol and Jim Goldie.

I know these too are spoilt babies!

Lovely Silver tabby and silver spotted


Bobby Valentino and Blackjack enjoying their new garden with Gill and Gordon

Bobby Valentino georgeous silver spotty boy

BlackJack lovely silver tabby boy


Here is Freddy a year old now and is growng into a georgeous boy,

thankyou Jo and family for lookng after him so well.

Lovely red nose coming through now

Love the hat Fred

Freddy does love a cuddle, big softy


This is Brucelee in his lovely new home with Esther and David


Babycakes Betsy 5 weeks old

                                                                                              2 week old Spotty kitten

                     Buttercup 4 weeks old


                Bernie and Blossom 6 wks

Aliyah relaxing

                                                                                                 Bruce Lee

                                                                         Bobby Valentino 10wks

                This is Jess in her new bed

mum and spotty baby feeding

This is Jack our son, he is chief kitten cuddler!

6 weeks old

                                             4 weeks old

A week old spotty baby, how adorable!

            Proud mum with her babies

                                                         Sleeping mum to be

Sargenta Silver Annelis 8 weeks pregnant

Someone please remind Freddy he is a boy

Looking very handsome, getting nice and big now aged only 7mths.

Pictured below is Freddys Grandad Champion Silvergiltcats Denzel Washington,

looks like Freddy is going to have his build!

Spotty tummy to match his spotty toes.

Love these georgeous spotty toes!

Freddy looking very handsome!

He's a clean boy!

Beautiful sleeping baby

This is Archie AKA Freddy in his new home now owned by Mrs J. Benson and family.  A stunning Silver Spotted boy, the friendliest kitten ive ever owned!  Absolutely georgeous, loving his kisses and cuddles. Thankyou Jo and family for these lovely pictures and keeping in touch.

Here is Albert a stunning silver spotted kitten AKA Harley in his new home, he was a 2010 kitten now owned by Mrs M Hardman and family.  Thankyou for giving him such a lovely home and sending me these lovely pictures.


This Antonia AKA Winnie, in her new home looking very happy and relaxed. Her new friend Bambi loves her and so does her new owner Miss V. Cui.  Thankyou for the lovely pictures.

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