Welcome to our beautiful girls, these girls are spoilt rotten and have everything they could ever need to live happy, healthy lives. Our Queens only have 1 litter each year, so they have plenty of time to recover and get back into good condition. We only have 2 girls currently so only have a limited amount of kittens each year. The health of our Queens is most important to us, so we will never overbreed and they retire after 4-5 litters so they can live a happy pet life. We do like to try and rehome them with a kitten when the time is right as unfortunately we cannot keep all adult cats when they retire, as much as I would like to.

Pleased to announce that 

Tigatails Molly Minstrel is joining us back here at Tigatails due to a change in circumstances with the breeder she went to live with.

Sire - Imp Gr.Champion Jorjeez Diamond Geezer


Dam - Tigatails Lulu Lollypop

Bloodgroup B

Agouti A/A

PKD negative

carries dilute

Molly is a lovely compact silver spotted girl with an amazing friendly temperament just like her parents and her granny Champion Tigatails Bacardi Queen.  Molly is our 3rd generation Tigatails girl and is very special to us, we look forward to her kittens in the Summer.


Pictured below Ruby our first red self British Shorthair

Admirari Ruby Slippuurs 

Bloodgroup Ab

PKD negative 

Does not carry LH

Ruby at her first kitten show aged 6mths, winning her first rosettes!  She really enjoyed the day out.

Ruby is the first red self here at Tigatails, we have always had a huge love for reds ever since growing up in the 80's with Garfield!

Ruby will be our foundation red girl, we would like to thank Jane Whiteley of Admirari for entrusting me with this gorgeous girl.  From the moment we got her home it was like she had been here all her life, so relaxed and confident.  She has a wonderful temperament and a really cobby build, deep orange eyes and a lovely short dense coat.  We have a few options with Ruby with our breeding programme so its very exciting times with her.  


Bacardi is now neutered and will be staying with us enjoying retirement from breeding. 

Age 5.5

Champion Tigatails Silver Spotted

Bacardi Queen

 Sire - Ch. Khancoban Silverfox


Dam - Tigatails Silver Alicia

Bloodgroup Aa

PKD Negative


Bacardi 10 Days Old


Age 12 Weeks

Aged 6 Months Old

Aged 3 Years


Bacardi having a stroll in the garden age 3.5 years

Bacardi is a gorgeous compact silver spotty girl with amazing green eyes and a distinctive cute pink nose. Bacardi is a sweet natured girl who loves being fussed and has had amazing kittens in the past, she doesn't really like cat shows but managed to be made up to champion.  Bacardi is a natural mum and always has gorgeous sweet natured kittens.


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