Roll Of Honour

This page is dedicated to cats I have bred that have gained titles recognised with the GCCF.

Shown not only by myself but their dedicated owners.

1. UK.Imp.GR.PR. Tigatails Silver Donald

2. Ch & Imp.GR.PR. Tigatails Daisy-Angelina

3. GR.PR. Tigatails Ghost Whisperer 

4. Ch. Tigatails Bacardi Queen

5. Ch. Tigatails Calvin Harris

6. Ch. Tigatails Crystal-Lily

7. Ch. Tigatails La Dolcie Vita

8. Pr. Tigatails Duchess Orphelia

9. Pr. Tigatails Silver Angel

10. Pr. Tigatails Obi-Wan Kenobi

        Ch. Tigatails Bacardi Queen.                         Pr. Tigatails Silver Angel.                         Ch. Tigatails Calvin Harris


         Ch. Tigatails Crystal-Lily                                          UK.IMP.GR.PR. Tigatails Silver Donald

CH & IMP.GR.PR Tigatails Daisy-Angelina

Pr. Tigatails Duchess Orphelia

Gr.Pr. Tigatails Ghost Whisperer