Specialising in breeding healthy, happy, confident,
British Shorthair kittens 

Based in Maidstone, Kent

   Approved members of the G.C.C.F Breeders Scheme

News page updated 22/05/2018

Online now!! http://tigatailsbshcats.co.uk a sister website dedicated to our new Red British Shorthair cats

Next kittens will be red & cream bicolours, red and cream selfs, these will be due late Spring 2018 check our sister website for details of these  

We are not taking anymore enquiries for our late 2018 Silver kittens,  due to a high number of enquiries we will not have enough kittens to fulfil them.

Next available Silver kittens will be Spring 2019


We are only small hobby breeders so do not have kittens all year round.
Please read our kitten adoption page before emailing us with any enquiries .

Contact - Natalie

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 My name is Natalie, I live in Kent with my husband Lee and son Jack.  We are small hobby breeders of the Black Classic Silver Tabby and Silver Spotteds. We started breeding in 2009 with our first silver tabby Sargenta Aliyah and Silver spotted Sargenta Annelis.  Our passion is the beautiful British Shorthair, their lovely strong cobby build, wonderful laid back character and irrisistable charm. Silver's being our favourite the contrast between colours is amazing!!  Our first Queen's were from Ursula Graves Sargenta and we will forever be grateful.
In May 2017 we were blessed with our first red British Shorthair Ruby from Jane Whitely Admirari, we will have a our first non silver kittens in May 2018. 

      Sargenta Silver Aliyah aka Lyla

Ch. Sargenta Silver Annelis

Premier Tigatails Silver Angel

My prefix Tigatails is registered with the G.C.C.F ( Governing Council of the Cat Fancy), I am a member of a number of cat clubs including The Kentish Cat Society, Maidstone And Medway Cat Club,  The East Sussex Cat Club and The Southern British Shorthair Cat Club.
We aim to breed to the highest standard and produce healthy happy kittens, available for pet homes only. We do not sell kittens on the active register.  We are members of the GCCF approved breeders scheme and abide by the Code Of Ethics that comes with that, the health of our cats and kittens is whats most important to us.

A silver tabby kitten and a silver spotted

All of our kittens are raised in an indoor loving home environment with the rest of the family.